Na’Panji, a 14yr old orphan who is struggling to find herself.
After realizing one of her alter egos just committed murder, the young teen attempts to escape the legendary bounty hunter sent to capture her and her friends.
As Na’Panji fights her way thru the world of Pyrah, she comes face to face with another pressing challenge…… battling with her own insecurities.


Martial Artist

Rein, a 15 yr old martial artist determined to prove her worth.  After a traumatic experience lead to her exile, from her home country of Fealon, she travels alongside Na’Panji feeling like a misfit among misfits.  Although she possesses a unique gift that serves as the pur-fect weapon, the shame of her past leaves her vulnerable to other threats…… The anxiety of keeping a secret forces her to become paranoid about how its reveal will shape the way others view her.


Gifted Prodigy

A 15 yr old profoundly gifted but suicidal prodigy in search of “normalcy”. 

A linguistic savant with an eidetic memory, he knows his mind is his greatest asset. But moral conflicts crush him between his devotion to his mentorship opportunities, and loyalty to his  orphan “family”.


Bounty Hunter

Gideon, a brutally efficient elite Bounty Hunter that takes every opportunity to enjoy hurting someone.. This brute’s hunt becomes that much more sweeter when he is sent to capture a murderous band of children.  Always working towards improving, he has earned the reputation of being the best of the best.  But, his obsession with perfection turns him into a total mean machine.  

Visually Explore the World of Pyrah!

We’ll be adding more images that visually describe our story world.

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