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The Story

A special orphanage houses three troubled teens…

Na’Panji, an abuse victim with Dissociative Identity Disorder, whose alter egos each possess a unique power; her close friend Rein, a 15-yr old martial arts prodigy plagued with Survivor Guilt and obsessed with hiding her shape-shifting ability; and a profoundly gifted telepath Amp, a genetically engineered, but Suicidal 16’yr old.

When one of Na’Panji’s alter egos murders an influential political figure, the 14-yr old teen and her friends struggle to stay one step ahead of the legendary and sadistic bounty hunter Gideon.

Their journey is complicated by their psychological issues, the struggle to learn about and control their powers, and understanding their connection to a world-altering prophecy unfolding around them.

Meet the Orphans of Pyrah




Khaniko “Amp” Osaka



Why these stories need to be told now

Many of today’s teens and young adults feel lost. They are self-medicating, withdrawing, and often times contemplating suicide as the struggle to find answers overwhelms them. The soul of the project has been heavily influenced by the stories shared with us by young people involving depression, body modification, abuse, homelessness, and other psychological trauma.

As mentors and creatives, we aim to use our art to help, so we imagined Pyrah – a fantasy world teeming with magic, martial arts, and technology, populated with characters that experience positive outcomes to their inner turmoil. Our stories are infused with subtext that delivers our core message:

Find your inner power. Use it to heal your past. 
Use it to live happily today. Use it to tackle adversity.

A Transmedia Approach

Our storytelling and distribution strategy is designed around an Animated TV Show (TV-MA) that is supported by a variety of entry points into the Orphans Storyworld from other media (short films, comics, games, movies, audiobooks, social media, music, etc).

An anthology of stand-alone story arcs that provide our fans insight into the underlying themes and unique ways to explore, enrich, and strengthen the narrative structure of the entire Orphans Storyworld.

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