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Laika is a stop-motion animation studio that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its unique and visually stunning films. Founded in 2005, Laika has quickly established itself as one of the most innovative and creative animation studios in the world, thanks to its unwavering commitment to detail and its willingness to push the boundaries of what can be achieved through stop-motion animation.

Thoughtful intro

One of Laika’s most impressive achievements is the creation of its proprietary Rapid Prototyping system, which allows the studio’s animators to quickly and easily create incredibly detailed and lifelike models for their films. This technology has been used to great effect in films such as Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Missing Link, all of which have been critically acclaimed for their stunning visuals and engaging storytelling.

From the breathtaking sets and environments to the meticulously crafted characters, Laika’s dedication to detail for every aspect of their films has earned them a devoted fan base and numerous accolades – with every one of their films being nominated for an Academy Award.

In a world where computer-generated animation dominates the industry, Laika’s commitment to stop-motion animation is both refreshing and inspiring. The studio’s films are a testament to the power of traditional animation techniques and a reminder that, when done right, they can be just as captivating and engaging as any CG film.

Laika is a true standout in the industry and a torchbearer for stop-motion animation, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. (psst, its “WildWood” and “The Night Gardener”)

Take a quick look and listen to how they explain it:


  1. Lady

    Very insightful.
    Stop motion does have a different feel to it. Do you possibly see the animation of Orphan Of Pyrah to be ideal for stop motion? Or do you think it should be 3D? I can get behind either one!

  2. Yolanda Hampton

    Stop motion technique may be a comparatively low-budget technique against the cream of the Hollywood crop, but the results speak for themselves in terms of originality, form and style – and with decades of successful “stop-go” animations becoming British daytime TV institutions and Oscar winners alike, stop motion animation is a widely celebrated art form too. I would love to see Orphans of Pyrah in this format.


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