About Us – Orphans Of Pyrah Team

Orphans of Pyrah

The Orphans of Pyrah is a forward-thinking, independent transmedia production company established to create, develop, and produce original IP based on the Orphans Storyworld. We are comprised of artists and creatives from around the world who are passionate about creating entertainment through storytelling that foster positive teen mental health, empowerment, and mentorship.

About Us - Orphans Of Pyrah Team_WiSalaam
Welbon I. Salaam – Productions Director
About Us - Orphans Of Pyrah Team_Patrick McEvoy
Patrick McEvoy – Art Director
Shalonda Lewis – Media Manager
About Us-Orphans Of Pyrah Team_Tyne Delwiche
Tyne Delwiche – Character Designer
A. Marquis Palmer – Digital Artist
about us_team_chris andrews
Chris Andrews – Audio Supervisor
About Us - Orphans Of Pyrah Team_Nadirah Salaam
Nadirah A. Salaam – Intern