Location:  (remote)                    Department:  Art                    Language:  English                   Software:  Photoshop


We’re looking for a highly creative, passionate, and driven Environment Concept Artist. We really should call this a visual development position, with a focus on environments. The job is to envision this story world of ours, breathing life into it for our characters to live and interact.

The ideal candidate will bring a willingness to push the envelope and innovate within the parameters of the Orphans story world while adding their own creativity and generating new environmental art based on an established art style.

It’s an opportunity to create the look, tone, and emotional language by working with the Art Director to establish a consistent visual direction for mood, environments, characters, weapons, etc. Creating inspiring concept art that focuses on dynamic visual elements that maintain accurate scale, established architectural standards, and character/creature anatomy to envision believable and visually compelling environments.

Skills and Experience:

We need a concept artist with a strong aesthetic appreciation for composition, proportion, form, mass, volume, structure, color, and silhouette. As well as a solid knowledge of the properties of light and its interaction with a variety of forms, materials, and textures.

Your online portfolio will need a solid set of environment concept paintings and drawings that demonstrate an ability to execute on a variety of subject matter. We’ll favor concept paintings that illustrate a location from multiple points of view and with a variety of lighting solutions and color palettes.

You’ll be illustrating concepts based on verbal and written descriptions. So samples should demonstrate a variety of styles and levels of finish; from loose prototype-level thumbnails and sketches to finished color illustrations. We hope to see outstanding environment design skills with the ability to create organic / inorganic, exterior and interior environments in a variety of styles.

The ability to rapidly iterate sketches and paintings to a consistent level of quality is essential.

We need someone receptive to constructive feedback and a willingness to work through an iterative process.  A self-driven, well organized, and a good communicator capable of cooperating on a team level.

Additional Desirable talents:

Demonstrable experience with content 3D creation applications (like Maya, zBrush, Cinema 4D, etc) is a plus.

Solid graphic design, staging, and layout skills.

Examples that illustrate not only a location but, a key cinematic moment incorporating multiple elements (like structures, vehicles, characters, and creatures).


Great, b/c if you’d like to be considered for this position, simply send a link to your online portfolio to info@OrphansOfPyrah.com, include the job title in the subject line, and tell us a little about yourself. We look forward to meeting you!


All submissions are confidential.

*We are an equal opportunity employer valuing diversity… celebrating strengths

**Direct applicants only – No agencies nor headhunters please, we don’t want to be rude