Pyrahn Academy

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We are creating quality entertainment through storytelling that span multiple media aimed at improving Teen Mental Health, and Mentorship. We know our target audience will connect with the stories and positive messaging, because, although they are in a fantasy setting, the characters will be exploring similar issues, evolving, prevailing in unexpected ways and revealing truths about the world around them. Viewers are encouraged, in multiple ways, to get involved and to share their stories. 

We have a story-centric transmedia distribution plan designed to provide new perspectives on the larger narrative,  lead everything to our driving platforms, and foster our community. Like using Alternate Reality to simulate what it’s like inside Na’Panji’s mind with all of her personalities.  Or releasing the data logs of a world renowned Pyrahan scientist’s. Or hosting a poetry contest where viewers write from the perspective of one of our characters.

The Orphans Universe Storyworld is about about sharing an immersive and joyful experience with millions of fans with a rich variety of characters, a wide scope of stories, and a developing a worldwide fan base that kept on the edge of their seats, because they’re not certain of the outcome.

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