What we’re here to do

Too many of today’s teens and young adults are getting lost, self medicating, attempting suicide, and stumbling through various other means to deal with their problems. Its painful to recognize that, although we mentor many of them, we cannot insert ourselves into each of their lives to “fix” their problem for them.

We’re storytellers though, so we created the Orphans of Pyrah storyworld; a visually fantastical world of magic, martial arts, deities, and technology, populated with characters that reveal the inner turmoil young people experience and showing ways that they evolve and grow through it. The engaging stories we craft are infused with subtext that revolves around our core message:  

Find your inner “power” and use that to deal with the adversity of your past, as well as a way to move forward in your life.

The time to do this is now, because teens tell us that “it’s really hard to be a kid nowadays.”

The Story

The core story revolves around the main characters who live in a ‘special’ Orphanage:

Na’Panji, an abused teen with Dissociative Identity Disorder, her close friend, Rein, who’s a 15-yr old martial arts prodigy coping with being excommunicated for a major failure, and Amp, a 16-yr old struggling with parents that sent him to the orphanage because they didn’t know what to do with a “profoundly gifted” child… that’s suicidal.

When one of Na’Panji’s alter egos murders an influential political figure, the 14-yr old teen attempts to escape the legendary bounty hunter (Gideon) sent after her and her friends. Their story unfolds from there as they begin a journey dealing with their psychological issues, finding out why they have extraordinary powers, and figuring out how they are connected to a planet-altering conspiracy.

We’re seeking out passionate investors, donors, and partners to help us raise awareness and funds.

We are creating quality entertainment through storytelling that span multiple media aimed at improving Teen Mental Health, and Mentorship. We know our target audience will connect with the stories and positive messaging, because, although they are in a fantasy setting, the characters will be exploring similar issues, evolving, prevailing in unexpected ways and revealing truths about the world around them. Viewers are encouraged, in multiple ways, to get involved and to share their stories. 

We have a story-centric transmedia distribution plan designed to provide new perspectives on the larger narrative,  lead everything to our driving platforms, and foster our community. Like using Alternate Reality to simulate what it’s like inside Na’Panji’s mind with all of her personalities.  Or releasing the data logs of a world renowned Pyrahan scientist’s. Or hosting a poetry contest where viewers write from the perspective of one of our characters.

The Orphans Storyworld is about about sharing an immersive and joyful experience with millions of fans with a rich variety of characters, a wide scope of stories, and a developing a worldwide fan base that kept on the edge of their seats, because they’re not certain of the outcome.

We are making entertainment that fires up (young) people to evolve and improve.

We have MOUs (memorandums of understanding) from three San Francisco based studios to produce the long form animation portions (animatics, TV show, webisodes, etc). A team of psychiatrists providing solid understandings of teen mental health, and an ardent staff coming together for our common goal.

A lot of our direction and appeal comes from the direct experiences of our Creative Producer who works with teens and young adults constantly. He talks with them, helps them, and challenges them to think for themselves. Orphans of Pyrah, is an wide scale version of what he does helping teens and young adults.

What we’re looking for now are passionate investors, donors, and development partners to help us raise awareness and raise funds. $400k in development capital would help to complete the story bible, develop the Brand IP further, and produce the assets to start executing our distribution strategy.