What is Transmedia Storytelling?

Transmedia storytelling tells a single story and breaks it down into pieces that are shared through a variety of media including websites, YouTube videos, Twitter accounts, Apps, TV shows, books, films, videogames, VR/AR and whatever other forms the future will bring. Each piece of the story stands on its own, while also contributing to and strengthening the larger narrative structure. 

Unlike common entertainment franchises that sell stories with individual narratives on different platforms, Transmedia storytelling uniquely expands and broadens a single story, inviting interaction, allowing it to mature and deepen. This in turn generates discussion, participation, and growth, creating an engaged audience that is curious, captivated, and vested in the story and it’s progress. 

Transmedia storytelling is defined as “a process where integral elements of fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels to create a unified and coordinated entertainment experience.” (Henry Jenkins, 2006)

Why use a transmedia approach?

  • It fosters engagement, accelerating the development of an active community, audience approval, brand loyalty and revenue. 
  • It cultivates avenues into the real-life issues being explored and promoted – Teen Mental Health, Empowerment, and Mentoring.
  • It stimulates a desire for a deeper understanding of the overall narrative.
  • It provides multiple entry points into the story for people to participate and interact.

We want to build and active community that has a powerful emotional connection to important issues that affect many. 

Here’s how we’re going to implement it

We will strategically roll out content on platforms suitable to foster interest, grow our community, and lead everything to our driving platform(s).

Our distribution plan is designed to be organically story-centric, not platform-centric. So each story part will be self contained, but also serve to add comprehension of the larger Orphans Storyworld narrative.  We plan to use each platform to its fullest potential, telling the best story possible in that medium.

Next, we will expand the reach of our content, and continuing to incubate our story lines and characters online, by coordinating a flow of fan experiences that provide opportunities for the audience to participate and give feedback on the topics we cover, which characters and parts of the narrative resonate the most with them.

We’ll also be partnering with established organizations committed to Teen Mental Health, Empowerment, and Mentoring to help develop materials, programs, or resources that galvanize people into real world action.